Cats Needing a Home

Feral Cats

We are always looking for homes for adult, neutered, feral cats in rural settings such as farms or stables, smallholdings and even large gardens.

Feral cats earn their keep controlling rodents on agricultural land and stables. However, we do insist that the cats are fed the same quality and quantity of food as a pure pet.

Once these cats go to their new homes they will need to be confined to a holding pen containing beds, litter trays, food and water for 3 weeks.

This initial confinement is essential otherwise the cat would simply run away. It is the same principle as keeping a pet indoors when moving house. Once released, the cats will return for their daily feed.

If you think that you can give a home to one of our Happy Endings cats, then please contact us on the number below. We always have a large number of cats looking for homes, so even if we do not have any on this page that suit your circumstances, you can always call to find out about new arrivals.

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All of our cats have started their vaccinations, are microchipped, treated for fleas, wormed and, when old enough, neutered.

If you can give any of our cats a home,
PLEASE CALL 01795 530 371, or VISIT US any afternoon between 2pm and 4pm.

Chester - 2yrs

This beautiful boy is full of charactor. The perfect cat for someone who appreciates a fiesty and quirky peronality. Chester loves affection, but on his own terms. We are looking for a home without young children.

chester copy

Colin - 4yrs

This is Colin 4yrs old, a favourite amongst the cat team. Colin needs an indoor only home as he has FIV. The last FIV cat that we had, Gordon received the most amazing response from you all. Please please can we do the same for this complete Gentlemen.
Email if you need Colin in your life



Dexter- 6yrs

Cheyenne- 4yrs

Cats 3
Cheyenne copy

Geoff-5 & John-3

Kirsty - 2yrs

Geoff and John

Pretty - 9yrs

pretty copy

Honey - 4mths


Leo & Louie - 5yrs Please note that these are not Happy Endings Cats. Contact details below.

Leo and Louie copy
Leo and Louie

A pair of closely bonded pedigree cats are looking for a new indoor home where they can continue to live together.
Leo is a colourful Bengal cat who loves climbing on everything, especially high places like shelves, tops of kitchen cabinets or wardrobes.
Leo enjoys human company and will often sit next to you, sometimes even on your lap.
He is quite sensitive and very set in his routine.
Turkish Angora Louie is more independent and laid back than Leo and likes being tickled under his chin. When you get to know Louie well enough he loves having his belly rubbed and may sometimes sit on your lap.
Louie quite often relaxes sprawled out on his back with his legs in the air and he loves kneading soft fabrics.
Louieā€™s lush and silky soft long fur needs regular grooming.
Leo and Louie are very energetic and need lots of entertainment. They sometimes chase each other around at high speed.
A new owner will need to be experienced and knowledgeable about these high maintenance breeds.
Leo and Louie need an indoor home without young children and other pets.
Both are neutered, microchipped, vaccinated and flea and worm treated.
If you can offer an indoor home to Leo and Louie please call Bobbie at Anim-Mates on 07808 625519 or text the name Leo to the number

Wolverine & Rogue 10mths

Vickis kittens

A quiet and understanding home needed for these two. Shy at first but very loving and affectionate once they get to know you.The Adoptee(s) that are willing to be patient and allow them time to settle in will be rewarded with two great additions to the household.

This is one of our many feral cats. They make great mousers and all they ask for in return is a daily supply of food.


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