Miracle Mum...

We were called out to rescue a young mare who was rejecting her newborn foal. The poor girl is barely older than a baby herself and did not seem to have any idea how to raise her own offspring. The baby was hours from death as he had not had his vital first drink, which contains the colostrum they need to survive. With help from our vet we managed to encourage Mum to let her baby feed.

Dice on T lap
Dice on back seat

A week later, we had a call from the same place as they had another mare and foal in distress. By the time we had gotten to them mum was in a really bad way, and despite another dash to the vets, this time we weren't able to save her and she died in our arms, leaving her foal orphaned. To see a baby calling his mother not knowing that she will never get up again or answer back is absolutely heartbreaking.

Oliver's mum RIPxx
Oliver lost
Oliver twist
in the field
Dotty on trailer
Dice carried

Once back at the Sanctuary, she was still reluctant, so every two hours we would have to hold mum so that baby could have a drink. We called him Dice, as he is mostly black with white and black spots on his bottom, plus he had been dicing with death! After a Facebook appeal for a name, one of our supporters suggested 'Dotty' and that seemed to suit Mum to a tee. After a couple of days of encouragement and a few nights of sleep deprivation, Dotty finally seemed to relax to the idea that she was responsible for looking after Dice. He has gone from strength to strength and both mum and baby and doing really well.

Drinking unaided
Settling into stable

We brought baby home to the Sanctuary, and with Dotty becoming a model mum, we decided to see if she would accept a new addition to her mini herd. The pony that a week ago did not have a clue about rearing children is now feeding two foals - although little Dice is not so chuffed with having a brother to share his mum with! Dotty and Dice have now found a loving new home together, and 'Oliver Twist' has joined our herd of miniature shetlands.

Boys playing

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