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Horses Needing a Home

Are you looking to give a horse or pony a loving home? If you think that you can give a home to one of our rescued horses then please call Chris on the number provided.

We always have dozens of horses and ponies in need of a home. If you are unsure of who you think will suit the home you have to offer, then please send us an email detailing the type of equine you are looking for:

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All our horses are microchipped or freeze branded and passported.
All colts and stallions are gelded before going to new homes.

If you can give any of our horses a home, PLEASE CALL 01795 530371 or Email us at

A big thank you to Joy and all at
for their unwavering support in providing transport for our equine rescues.

Name: Connie
Age: Born 2008
Height: 13hh
Breed: Welsh Cross
Use: Project

Connie - In Foster

Connie is another of our recent rescues.
She is looking for a home where she can continue her training and caring on with her learning.
Connie does have the potential to make a wonderful horse.

Name: Lucy
Age: 3 Years
Height: 14.2 - 15hh
Breed: Cob
Use: Project

Lucy- In foster

Lucy is one of many horses recently rescued. Now she has gained some weight she is looking for a home where he can be loved and brought on.

Name: Willow
Age: 5 Years
Height: 14hh-14.2hh
Breed: Cob cross
Use: Project


Believe it or not when scrubbed up willow is Grey, but like all ponies she loves a good wallow in the mud. She would make a great companion for any horse(s) and for someone willing to put the work in there is no reason why she couldnt be backed and brought on to be ridden. Low Maintainence girlie happy to live out all year round.

Name: Pastel
Age: 8 Years
Height: 14hh-14.2hh
Breed: New Forest
Use: Project


Handsome Pastel is a real charactor. He would love to go as a companion. Pastel has been backed but has had no further training. A favourite of ours, we would love for this boy to find his forever home where he will be loved and get the attention he deserves. Happily lives out all year round.

Connies foal
Name: Gracie
Age: Born 2014
Height: To make 14hh +
Breed: Cob Cross
Use: Project


Gracie is a pretty little yearling. She is a friendly girl who has enjoyed her life with us living out with the other youngsters. She is now looking for a home of her own with someone with more time who will enjoy a rewarding project.

Name: Vixen
Age: 3 years
Breed: Shetland
Use: companion


Vixen may be little in size but like most shetlands she has a big cheeky and sometimes fiesty personality. We would love to see her go to a pet home where she can be with other horses/ponies and be appreciated for the great little charactor that she is.

PROJECT HORSES........... All of these Horses are living with us but are in need of new homes. They are all currently unhandled. We are working with the Trainer Jason web who is helping us one by one get them at least to the point where they trust humans and will lead. They will all make great riding horses and will be a very rewarding projects for those experiened and prepared to put the work in

Logo with Jason Webb
Name: Hallie
Age: Born 2010
Height: 15 hh
Breed: Cob Cross
Use: Project
Name: Lulu
Age: Born 2010
Height: 14.2-15hh 14hh
Breed: Cob Cross
Use: Project
Name: Panda Bear
Age: Born 2013
Height: 14.2 - 15hh
Breed: Cob
Use: Project

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