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All of our Dogs and Cats leave us neutered ( provided they are old enough ) vaccinated , microchipped and up to date with flea and worm treatment. They are also health checked by our vet and leave with 4 weeks free pet insurance. We do ask for an adoption fee of £180 for dogs and £70 for cats. This helps us cover the cost of the above and allows us to continue helping others.

We will need to arrange a home visit before any animal leaves us.

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If you are interested in offering an Animal a home then please EMAIL us at
to arrange an appointment within our opening times of 2pm- 4pm.

First Aid Logo

All our horses are microchipped or freeze branded and passported.
All colts and stallions are gelded before going to new homes.

Foster an Equine


At Happy Endings we understand the financial commitment involved when taking on an equine. If you have time and space for an equine then why not concider our foster scheme. Please email us for more information.

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Honey - 2yrs

A special home needed for 2 yr old Honey. As you can see Honey is extremely beautiful. We realise that we could rehome her hundreds of times over based on her looks. But Honey is a very complex character who doesn’t enjoying being touched, stroked or fussed at all. Of course this could change with time and patience. We are looking for a home where she will be excepted for just being her. With someone who will respect her need for space and love her with out any expectations. To give her the best chance of a happy home life we are looking for somewhere without small children and ideally no other pets. We realise that this is a big ask but there must be the perfect home for her out there, somewhere. Please email us if you feel this could be you.

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Easy is a very good doer, dispite her breed type she lives out all year round unrugged. She is currently living in a mixed herd but definetly prefers the company of the mare's. Easy's adoptee or fosterer will need to be someone who is quiet and patient and allow her to settle before to much is asked of her.

Name: Easy
Age: 2005
Height: 15hh
Breed: TB x
Use: Companion


Minnie is a very special case looking for a very special long term foster home. Minnie was diagnosed last year with Equine Motor neuron disease.This is something that she will live with for the rest of her life. But recent tests have shown that she has made a vast improvement and after speaking with our vet, we feel she is now stable enough to go up for foster.
Her new home ideally needs to be some where with good grazing on flat ground all year round. If she did need to be stabled at all then she may require a vitamin E suppliment.

Name: Minnie
Age: 2013
Height: 14.2hh
Breed: Cob
Use: companion
Adolf copy

Adolf- 3yrs

The very handsome Adolf a home.
Adolf is 3yrs old, bold, affectionate and full of personality. He knows his own mind and will tell you straight away if he’s got the hump with you. He is by no means aggressive but will give a claw free swipe and a hiss to express his disgust. Becoming a favourite amount the team Adolf will make a great cat for someone who likes a cat with character. Please email if you are interested in offering him a home. He is happy being around other cats and could live with others but would possibly clash with one of similar personality traits.

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Mrs Tiggywinkle

Happy Anniversary Mrs Tiggywinkle, you have now been with us for a year!!! Others have come and gone and still you are waiting.
Mrs Tiggywinkle is 10yrs old and is very patient Please email if you feel you might be able to offer her a home. She doesn’t ask for much, just a space on the sofa or arm chair, some grub and maybe some strokes if she’s in the mood.

This is one of our many feral cats. They make great mousers and all they ask for in return is a daily supply of food.


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