Why you should consider sponsoring one of our animals for a year.

Happy Endings Rescue rehomes hundreds of animals every year and also has lots of animals in our care, at any one time. We need lots of donations to help us to continue our work, and care for all the different needs of the rescued animals.

If you eligible for Gift Aid please complete our form and send it to us, thank you. You can download it here.

We always want to ensure every animal has the best possible life when they stay with us.

Your generous donation ensures our work can continue and importantly you become involved in our story. Your donation will help towards the welfare of the animal, to include; food, bedding, medical needs and housing. Sometimes we have to build special enclosures to accommodate very specific needs and requirements.

What do I get if I sponsor an animal for a year?

If you sponsor one of the wonderful animals at Happy Endings Rescue, you will receive a certificate confirming your sponsorship. You will also get the opportunity to visit your animal during the year too.

But most importantly, a huge thank you from all of us at Happy Endings Rescue for being a supporter.